We intend to provide our customers the optimal solution with the best of breed processing under one umbrella, with a smart and efficient user friendly. Our responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the IT services in which we operate creating a better tomorrow than today. Our vision is put into action through activities to benefit the corporate and a commitment to build shareholder value by building MATA into a truly sustainable company.

MATA is dedicated to providing high-quality IT services in a comfortable and easy to use platform for clients who seek. We intend to make enough profit to generate a fair return for our investors and to finance continued growth and development in quality products and services. We also maintain a friendly and fair environment, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work.

Marushika Technology Advisors Pvt. Ltd

Office – H 32, 2nd Floor, 

Office No – 204, Sector-63, NOIDA -201301,

Uttar Pradesh

Mail Us at – info@marushika.in

Ph No – 0120 4290383

CIN – U51109DL2010PTC205156